Best 5 Alternatives To Coin Master Game App

Best 5 Alternatives To Coin Master Game App

Are you looking for an alternative to coin master game which is trending across the online gaming world?

Well, we have come up with top 05 alternatives to coin master games which are nearly similar to coin master as per game play is a concern and differ only on characters or some progress.

So why is coin master game famous?

Well if you think in records, then we much tell that Coin Master game has now more than 10,000,000 installs from Google Play, and it has created history by defeating many game records within the shortest possible time.

Coin Master game has some unique features which make players going ga-ga over it. One of the main reasons which make coin master unique is its casino-style spin which is the main items for your progress.

Coin master game has blended casino-style spin with building the base game, which came out very successful. People enjoy the free spin every hours and item which keeps on popping out with every spin. You can get many items in the spin wheel, and depending on those items; you can use them for your game progress. You can receive hammer, shield, pig face, or coins with each free spins.

Hammer is used to attacking the enemy base, whereas shield is used to protect your base from any attack. Pigface is a rare item of the game which is used to attack the game master village, and if you did not receive any of these items, then you will get coins.

Top 05 alternatives to coin master game App

There are numbers of games which came up after the coin master success; many games use the same gameplay which coin master employs. We have separated top 05 games which have similar gameplay as coin master; they are as follows

  1. Piggy Boom
  2. Pirate Kings
  3. Boom Space Popular Social Game
  4. Pirate Master Coin Raid Island Battle Adventure
  5. King Boom Pirate Island Adventure

Coin master games Alternatives

So, let’s drill down for the coin master games alternatives which you need to know before you want to try these games.

1. Piggy Boom

Piggy Boom Android app developed by FENIXS is the flag bearer of coin master games in the same category. It has more than 5,000,000 installs from Google Play and has some cool characters to play.

Piggy Boom

There are many unique items which have been introduced in the game to make it differ form coin master. Some of them are as follows

  • Steal, defend, spins and coins in the magic wheel
  • The daily bonus of free spin when you log into your game
  • Go for a treasure hunt to earn many items
  • Cute pets which can defend your base from attacks
  • Build your theme island and attack others to gain coins
  • Invite your friends on Facebook and keep on getting coins
  • Push the wheel and get some luck

Piggy boom has come up with some cute characters which you cannot miss, so install this game and keep on getting lucky items to form the wheel.

2. Pirate Kings

Pirate kings are similar game as coin master, which is developed by Jelly Button Games and has more than 10,000,000 installs from Google Play. Pirate kings have only one motive, they love gold, and if anyone attacks them, they want revenge.

Pirate kings

Gameplay uses the same storyline where you need to build your base by spinning the wheel which will give you many items including attack position, by using which you can bomb on your opponent.

  • Spin the wheel and get new items
  • Collect bomb and destroy other players bases
  • Collect coins to build your base
  • Decorate your base with the statue and other items
  • Join with your online friends for the fight
  • Revenge with other pirates for loots

3. Boom Space Popular Social Game

Boom space game is developed by Zhaochenchao and has more than 100,000 installs from Google Play Store. Boom space games are similar to coin master and have many functions similar to another alternative of coin master.

Boom Space
  • Spin magic wheel to get items
  • Attack other people base to steal coins
  • Defeat alien boss to get coins and game items
  • Get cute pets which will defend your base
  • Build your Island and put many decorations
  • Attack all rich players and loot them
  • Connect online with Facebook and get some help

4. Pirate Master Coin Raid Island Battle Adventure

Pirate Master game form Google is developing by CookApps and has more than 100,000 installs from the Google play. The game is similar to coin master and has all the same items similar to other alternatives of Coin master.

Pirate master
  • Spin the casino-style slot and collect items
  • Raid coin masters for coins
  • Attack other people base and collect coins
  • Build and upgrade your main weapon, you ship
  • Rule the ocean and become pirate no1

5. King Boom Pirate Island Adventure

King Boom  Pirate Island Adventure is developed by Tapps Games and has more than 100,000 installs from the Google Play. King Boom There are many features in king boom which are as follows

  • Spin the wheel and get game items
  • Attack, Plunder, pillage or loot
  • Build your pirate Island
  • Attack other people Island for coins
  • Collect and make your pets evolve to defend your base
  • Unlock mini adventure with pets
  • Find magical treasure to win prizes
  • Keep on mining for coins while you are away

Final words

So, these are the top 05 alternatives for coin master which you need to check out if you find coin master very monotonous and repetitive.

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